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Capital Wing Membership

The only requirement for membership is a sincere interest in the preservation of WWII aircraft and the story they tell. Membership is open to all men and women age 18 and older. We would very much like to have you as a new member. The dues and privileges of membership are set forth below. Everyone who joins as a full member enters with the honorary rank of Colonel.

To apply, merely fill out both the Capital Wing Membership Application Form and the National CAF Application For Commission. Attach two checks, one in the amount of $50.00 payable to the "Capital Wing, CAF" and another check for $200.00 payable to the "CAF". Send all membership information to Finance Officer, Capital Wing, CAF, 560 S. Nursery Ave., Purcellville, VA 20132. If you have any questions please contact us by phone (540-402-1818) or Email

Full Membership (Colonel)

Term: Continual while in good standing and dues are paid. National membership required.

Cost: Wing dues are $50.00 annually. National CAF dues are $200 annually. (Membership dues in the CAF are tax-deductible contributions.)

Benefits and Privileges:

  • All members are eligible to serve as flight crew AT NO ADDITIONAL COST, aircraft handler, and assist in the maintenance and restoration of the aircraft and our historical displays.
  • All members are invited to take part in activities such as airshows, development of our flying museum and many other projects.
  • All members may purchase and wear the member's unit shirt, cap and patch.
  • All members receive the monthly Capital Wing newsletter.
  • If you are a qualified pilot, you are eligible to apply for a flying sponsorship allowing you to serve as pilot in command of a vintage warbird.
  • Only Colonels can receive a personal access code to the hangar and ability to access the hangar at any time.
  • Only Colonels are allowed to vote on Wing and National issues.
  • Only Colonels are eligible to hold elective office and serve as chairperson on committees.
  • Colonels receive free admission to the American Airpower Heritage Museum (HQ, Midland, Texas).
  • Colonels receive a full subscription to the monthly newsletter Contrails.
  • Colonels receive a full subscription to our quarterly magazine Dispatch.
  • Colonels receive discounts at the HQ museum gift shop.
  • Colonels receive CAF Wings, nametag, date of commission certificate and membership card.
  • As a member you have the satisfaction of knowing you are part of the mission to preserve historically significant warbirds all over the country and the story they tell.

CAF National Membership Payment Information

There are several options available for payment for membership in the National CAF. If you are interested in becoming a Colonel or Life Member today complete the NHQ Application Form. For Commission, attach your check payable to the "CAF " and send it to our Personnel Officer at the address first given above.


Go to the website and click on membership. If you go online to join National be certain you enter Capital Wing as the Unit with which you wish to affiliate.

Bank Draft System

New applications and renewals have the payment option of using a bank draft system, whereby you remit $56.00 with the application, and your designated bank account will be debited $16.00 on the 5th day of each month. This method requires an additional form available for HQ.

Life Member

Life membership in the National organization is available for a one-time payment of $1,960.00

Capital Wing
12499 Beverly Ford Road
Brandy Station, Virginia 22714
For more information call: 540-402-1818

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