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What Do You Change More Than Your Sox?

...Your e-mail address?

If you don't have a good anti-spam strategy or program, sometimes changing one's e-mail address is an easy, short term solution to the problem. However once this is done, you need to change anything that uses your e-mail address, especially as pertains to your Capital Wing contact information. Here is a quick check list on how to do this in the two common areas:

  1. Your Capital Wing website "members only" access uses your e-mail address to identify you, and is also used to send occasional bulletins and your password in case you forget it. If you don't know your password, and no longer have access to your old e-mail, you will need to contact the an Capital Wing Officerto have it reset. Otherwise simply click the "log on" button at the bottom of the navigation area on the left side of this page. Use your OLD e-mail address and password to gain access. This will immediately show your online roster information. Then simply type over your old e-mail address with your new one and click the "submit" button on the bottom. Easier than doing a 3 point landing in a strong crosswind. While you are looking at your information, you might want to add some info about yourself and your interests in the "bio" area or create you own personal photo album!
  2. The Google Groups e-mail list will automatically unsubscribe you once your old e-mail address begins bouncing back messages. You can unsubscribe yourself by sending a message to xxxx with just the word "unsubscribe" in the subject line FROM YOUR OLD E-MAIL ACCOUNT. Otherwise send a note to xxxxx <at> xxxxxx <dot> org to have it removed. Subscribing your new address is just as simple. Send a message to xxxxx <at> xxxx <dot> org with "subscribe" in the subject line FROM YOUR NEW ACCOUNT and it will be subscribed once you have confirmed it with a e-mailed reply.

Many Capital Wing members are using the new feature that allow you to create your own Photo Album under "Members Albums" in the Gallery. Simply log in and click the Create Album link in the members roster self-maintenance area as described above.

As always, just contact me if you have any problems - Bill Douglas

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