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Capital Wing Communications Overview

The Capital Wing offers email communications among our members and interested parties in Google Groups. The primary group is used to communicate what is going on within the Wing. You do not need to be a Capital Wing member to subscribe, however you do have to submit a request to join since it is a private group. After clicking on the following link, follow the the instructions on the Google Groups page to Apply for Membership:

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The Wing also maintains a second Google Group for sharing information about aviation, military history, news, etc. that members think will be of interest to others. However, since the emails are NOT monitored or reviewed for accuracy, it is the responsibility of the reader to determine the accuracy, legality, and safety of anything posted - so take everything with a bucket of salt!  If you wish to join this group click on the following link and follow the the instructions on the Google Groups page to Join the Group:


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Hopefully, once you realize the potential of membership in the Capital Wing, we think you will find it a worthwhile investment to actually join our unit. Also realize that there are many resources and events that are closed to non-members.

Capital Wing
12499 Beverly Ford Road
Brandy Station, Virginia 22714
For more information call: 540-402-1818

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